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Our mission at Ohmies is: To empower anyone who walks through our doors with knowledge, understanding, and product selection in the new, and ever-expanding industry that surrounds vaping and smoking products.

Ohmies Vape & Glass Emporium

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We opened our first location on July 7th 2017, since then Ohmies Vape and Glass Emporium has exploded onto the scene providing our customers with the knowledge they need and offering variety of products to meet virtually any and all vaping or smoking needs. The simple fact is, we and everyone on our staff have many years of experience in the business. We know what we’re doing, and we understand that everyone’s needs are different. We are not about the up sell, we want you purchasing something that meets your needs and helps accomplish your goals. Not everyone wants a vape that can produce enough vapor to make the room look like a night club, but if you do, we can certainly get you there.

Our variety of products from mods, tanks, batteries, chargers, an extensive juice and coil selection, as well as grinders, cleansers, water pipes, hand pipes, bowls, wraps, papers, lighters, CBD, and herbal vaporizers, it would prove difficult for anyone to enter any of our locations, and not find something useful. Regardless of your intent, whether you intend to quit smoking, or elevate your smoking experience, find your homies at Ohmies, we got you.

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